Fashion: Cropped pants


Cropped pants… perhaps something you’re not a fan of… but I am actually! Especially of these COS pants I bought a couple of winters ago… 

And isn’ t Paris the perfect décor for some outfit shots?! I wish I could take my photos there every single time 🙂

These pants are ever so comfortable… they’re cropped, black, stretchy and warm… well… those are 4 characteristics that suit me just fine in winter 🙂

I like wearing these pants to work. They can be combined in every possible way… dressed up… dressed down… take your pick! I already wore these pants in previous ‘outfit of the week’ posts (like here with my grey woollen vest or here with my grey sweater).

Today I show you these same pants with my woollen sweater with detachable collar. You know this sweater from previous posts as well (like here and here). I think this sweater with detachable collar looks a bit Parisian, so I wore this outfit last week on my daytrip to Paris (of which you could read a tips ‘n trips post here).

I combined the pants and sweater with my electric blue winter coat . I actually wanted to wear my faux fur… but as the weather forecast predicted rain showers and I didn’t want to look like a drowned chewbacca (words of Mademoiselette !!) I went for the safer option…

Now this entire outfit was actually built around the shoes I was going to wear… as my Tamaris wedge booties are so comfortable I really wanted to wear these and I didn’t regretted it for a second!!! As we ended up walking over 12 kilometres I was soooo glad I chose to wear these ever so comfortable, yet stylish booties!!!

What jewellery is concerned I only wore my Royalty Collection earrings. I was glad to pull out my sunnies for a couple of times. And about my new black bag I was carrying… well… let’s just say you’ll hear more from it in the near future 🙂

Now what do you think of this outfit? Is it Paris-worthy? I think so!!

Love, Kathleen

I love all these beautiful doors!


soaking up some sun
on the courtyard of Ralph’s


on Place des Vosges


in front of the Notre Dame


lunch at Ralph’s


Cheers you guys 😀

Photography : Katrien Certyn


7 thoughts on “Fashion: Cropped pants

    1. Ah thank you so much Kirsten for these kind words! I’ve had so many compliments about that coat 😀 I love the colour so much… Thanks for reading. Love, Kathleen


    1. Toen ik deze kleur zag in de winkel was ik direct verkocht… een beetje kleur aan de winter geven is wel zo fijn 🙂 Groetjes en nog een fijne zondag! Kathleen


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