Fashion: Classic trenchcoat


Next Thursday you can read about my shopping spree to Maasmechelen Outlet Village. One of the treasures I found at Maasmechelen is this trenchcoat… and I can say… I am really in love with this stunning classic! Don’t you just adore this trench?! I’m so glad with this purchase… I just know it will last several years as it is such a classic piece.

This trench was sold in variousn lenghts and colours : dark blue, red, blush pink (that was so nice!), but I opted for the classic beige colour.

It’s defintely the perfect addition to my wardrobe. This trench is from the brand Coach, which sells beautiful coats, handbags and scarfs. I was lucky enough that this classic was sold at a 70% discount so I didn’t hesitate a second to buy it!

To give the trench a more casual look, you can roll up the sleeves. This trench can be buttoned up in different ways… with a v-neck (which was the only way I’ve worn a trench), all buttons closed (up to the neck as you can put the collar up and close a button over the collar with this trench!) or in an open way which I think is really nice, especially when worn with a beautiful scarf. This was a new way for me. The shop lady showed me how to do it. I’ll try to explain, but look on the photo below to see how to do it : you’ve got to put your belt on your back, take the left side of your trench, turn the inside out and button it up on the left button. Then you take the right side of your trench, turn the inside out and button it up on the 4 right buttons. That way the front is more open which looks really lovely in my opinion… perhaps not the best way to wear it when it’s raining or when it’s windy, but definitely very nice and different!! Look carefully at the photo below how to do it and try it out yourself!

worn in an open way, which was new to me…
…with a V-neck…
…all buttons closed…


I’m combining my trench with my dark flared denim, my high block heels (these are the only heels I can wear under these pants as the legs are so long!!) and a classic light blue shirt, which really resembles a men’s shirt. Last weekend I’ve bought this lovely golden scarf to wear with my trench. Don’t you think it catches the sunlight beautifully! I think this outfit would be perfect for my next trip to Paris 🙂

To complete my look, I’m wearing my Armani sunglasses, my brown handbag (which I bought last year at Maasmechelen outlet village) and some fine golden jewellery (which you don’t actually see on the photos 😉 ).

What do you think of a classic piece such as a trench? How would you style it? Let me know in the comments!

Love, Kathleen

Here you see another outfit with my flared denim!







2 thoughts on “Fashion: Classic trenchcoat

    1. A classic piece you’ve got to have in your wardrobe!!! Mine was really dated and old… I hadn’t worn it in 2 years so it was in serious need of replacement!! So glad i found this one at a serious discount 🙂 Thanks for reading! Love, Kathleen

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