Beauty : Yves Saint Laurent – Face palette collector gypsy opale


Recently I have bought the Yves Saint Laurent ‘face palette collector gypsy opale’. This is a limited edition pressed powder from Yves Saint Laurent.
This pressed powder contains 4 different shades which can be used separately or together as your face/skin needs :

  • Green : corrects redness
  • Purple : clarifies – anti-dullness
  • Pink : refreshes – blush
  • Yellow : radiates – highlighter

This powder works on the éclat, on the radiance of your face. It comes in a beautiful, luxurious palette with a built-in mirror and it sits in a little black velvet pouch. So 10 out of 10 for ‘styling’ 🙂 but let me tell you what I think about the powder itself!


I use this powder after applying my foundation and blush. I make sure my skin is as even as possible as this powder doesn’t cover any faults. I use it all over my face to give it a perfect finish (well… as perfect as possible on a 44 year old skin…).

The powder has little reflecting particles which makes my face shimmer slightly. It makes my face more radiant and it reflects light which in my opinion can give a nice and refreshing look.

I don’t use the colours separately, I always blend the colours together with a big brush.


All in all this is a nice powder to use. It is really light and subtle on my face and it certainly doesn’t give the impression of an overly-powdered face!

Which finishing powder do you use? Tell me in the comments!

Love, Kathleen

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7 thoughts on “Beauty : Yves Saint Laurent – Face palette collector gypsy opale

  1. Kathleen this looks like a wonderful powder. It’s just so pretty. Too pretty almost to even use! Haha. I’m currently not using a powder at all but will be checking this one out. Gemma x

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