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Beauty: Trying out some samples – Fragrances (part I)

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I love getting samples at the drugstore, in magazines or in the cosmetic store. I usually save them for daytrips, weekendbreaks or holidays, but then I thought it would be fun to just use them and share my thoughts with you, here on ‘the good, the fab and the lovely’.

Read on to find out which samples I have tried out… and would I buy the fullsize version?!

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Beauty: My current favourite beauty items (part II)

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Last week you could find out which are my current favourite beauty items concerning cleansing, serum, day/night cream, eye care and bodylotion (see this post).

Time for part II I’d say!

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Beauty rewind n°4

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In today’s beauty rewind we’ll look back on the past 20 beautyposts. Which products do I still use? Have I changed my mind about certain products? You can read it all here! Read about all these beauty products!

Beauty: Yves Saint Laurent – Opium

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Today I put this very luxurious fragrance in the picture… Opium from Yves Saint Laurent… I was addicted at first smell! Read more about this fragrance!

One year of good, fab and lovely posts : beauty

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 ‘The good, the fab and the lovely’ turns 1 this week!! Yay!! I get to blow out 1 candle… huray to me for achieving this milestone 😀 To be honest, I never thought I’d get this far. I started this blog as a hobby and that’s what it still is today, but I never ever thought I would still be blogging after a year… oh well… that goes to show how much I love my very own tiny space of the worldwide web!!


This week is a week of reflection… a week of looking back on some of my most successful blog posts of my first blogging year. But I also pay a bit of attention on the posts that didn’t do that well… Perhaps by mentioning them once again, they get a few more views?!


So here we go with this first celebration post… one year of good, fab and lovely beauty posts!! Take me to those good, fab and lovely beauty posts!

Beauty : Yves Saint Laurent – Face palette collector gypsy opale

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Recently I have bought the Yves Saint Laurent ‘face palette collector gypsy opale’. This is a limited edition pressed powder from Yves Saint Laurent. Read more about this powder!