Today’s quote : perfection

“Have no fear of perfection, you’ll never reach it” – Salvador Dali


Clingendael Park - Japanese Garden, Den Haag, Holland
The perfect Japanese garden of Clingendael Park in Den Haag… picture perfect isn’t it?!

Dali is so true when he says perfection can never be reached… because how boring would a perfect life be?!

A perfect life… being married to the perfect husband and having perfect kids… waking up in your perfectly zen bedroom, taking a shower in a spotlessly clean bathroom and having a perfect breakfast at your perfect kitchen table… driving your perfect car to your perfect job (dropping off your kids at school at which they of course reach perfect results)… Having lunch with your perfect colleagues and going home at night to have a perfect diner in your perfect house… your kids have done their homework perfectly and let you sign a couple of top-marked papers… Going to the gym for a perfect work-out (because of course you’ve got the perfect body) and ending your day in a perfect way… sipping a perfect Saint-Emillion whilst watching your favourite television show…

I don’t say that I haven’t dreamt of above scenario… but honestly… how boring would that be… (besides the Saint-Emillion and the television show that is)?! But that doesn’t mean that you have to stop trying to reach for perfection as that will certainly bring you further in life.

But make sure that whatever you want lies within reach of your possibilities. Of course you can always aim just that bit higher… but you musn’t focus on having a perfect life as that will bring you down sooner or later. Beware of major setbacks… if you want too much, sooner or later it will backfire on you!

Try to be content with life as it is… with life as it comes to you… learn from your mistakes and try to step up from them! There’s nothing wrong with an imperfect life you know…

Love, Kathleen

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6 thoughts on “Today’s quote : perfection

  1. Great post, I feel that so many people set themselves unachievable goals these days, myself included and that people are so hard on themselves too if they don’t achieve them. Love this photo too. Have a lovely evening. Gemma x

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  2. I love this post. In a day when we can filter out the imperfections on social media and in pictures, it seems like we are always chasing perfection. Yet, life can be “perfect”, even when it is imperfect. Thanks for sharing!

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