Beauty : Catrice – Eye shadow palettes

My 3 eyeshadow palettes from Catrice… 18 colours to choose from ! Top left : absolute nude, top right :absolute matte, bottom : absolute bright.

Last winter I fell in love with a nude eyeshadow palette I saw online. It was pretty expensive though… so I went to my local beauty supermarket with only one goal : finding a cheaper altenative !

And I certainly did find it… 

I saw this ‘Absolute Nude’ eyeshadow palette by Catrice which costs a fraction of the one I saw online. A bit hesitatingly I decided to give it a try. I used to have really sensitive eyes when I was younger so for years I mainly used Clinique products for my eyes. But the last years I’ve found that my eyes weren’t that sensitive anymore and I started using other products again, including beauty supermarket brands. But this was the first really cheap eyeshadow I bought so when using it the first day I was a bit afraid that I would have itchy, watery eyes… but none of that !

After using the ‘Absolute Nude’ palette for a couple of consecutive days, I bought the ‘Absolute Matt’ palette and another week later the ‘Absolute Bright’. Now that goes to show how satisfied I was with this product ! And for a third of the price of the palette that I saw online I now had 3…

The colours are varied enough. The ‘nude’ and ‘bright’ palette have slightly shimmery colours, whereas the matt… well… these colours are… matt ! In the beginning I used the matt palette the most, but lately the nude palette comes out more often.

The eyeshadow lasts quite long for a product that cheap. This warm weather we’ve been having this summer was certainly challenging for the product, but actually it stays on really well so thumbs up !! When I put on my make up in the morning and I have to go out at night, I do a touch up. But then, I do that with the more expensive eyeshadows as well…

When on a daytrip I take the eyeshadow with me to do a touch up when needed. Then I use the brush that comes with the palette. But for daily use I bought this duo brush, also by Catrice. On one side you have longer, softer hairs to put the eyeshadow on your eyelid and on the other side, you have shorter, more stiff hairs to define the eyeshadow or to get it a bit smudgy. I also use this side of the brush to put a shimmery light colour on the sides of my glabella (another trick I learned at the MAC tutorial !).

So… overall extremely happy with these products ! I honestly must say that I seldomly use other eyeshadows nowadays…

Love, Kathleen

Here I have used the ‘Absolute Matte’ palette.
Here I have used the ‘Absolute Nude’ palette, but I used the darkest colour of the ‘Absolute Matte’ as an eyeliner.



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