Beauty: Urban Decay – Naked 2 eyeshadow palette

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I have been using MUA, Catrice and Essence eyeshadow palettes for the last couple of years and I am actually quite satisfied with them. They are cheap, come in various colour combinations and I didn’t have to feel guilty buying a new palette when the others aren’t finished yet.

But a couple of months ago I levelled up… I bought this Urban Decay palette (Naked 2) and I really wanted to know… is it worth the fuss?! Read on to find out!

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Beauty: Catrice – Eye’Matic eyepowder pen

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On some mornings I want to do a fuss-free make-up so I was searching for an eyeshadow pencil… Read what I have found during my search…

Beauty : MUA – ‘Dusk til dawn’ eyeshadow palette

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I’ve already got several eyeshadow palettes, but when I saw this MUA palette lately I just couldn’t resist… Read more about this eyeshadow palette!

Beauty : Essence – Eye shadow palettes

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DSC_1583I’ve already got a couple of eyeshadow palettes from Catrice, as you could read here, but when I read the review of the Essence “All About Vintage” palette from the blog “By Isabelle” I couldn’t resist buying it… Read more about this eye shadow palette!

Beauty : Catrice – Eye shadow palettes

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My 3 eyeshadow palettes from Catrice… 18 colours to choose from ! Top left : absolute nude, top right :absolute matte, bottom : absolute bright.

Last winter I fell in love with a nude eyeshadow palette I saw online. It was pretty expensive though… so I went to my local beauty supermarket with only one goal : finding a cheaper altenative !

And I certainly did find it…  Read more about these Catrice eye shadow palettes!