Beauty ‘n Fashion: Calvin Klein – Eternity


Last summer there were a couple of posts about my favourite fragrances. I rarely add a new fragrance to my list of favourties, but when I was in Maasmechelen Outlet Village some time ago, I just couldn’t resist… I was in the Calvin Klein shop and whilst my friend was paying her goodies, I was snooping around a bit. I saw this perfume bottle which I recognized as one of my sister’s favourite fragrances from when we were still living at home (so like a lifetime ago)… Eternity…

Out of curiousity I wanted to smell it again… and sniffing the bottle I was beamed back to the nineties in a flash! This smell … it reminded me of my sister, of my days as a teenager, of big and powerful shoulderpads,… and it was stronger than myself… I just had to buy  it… pure out of nostalgia!

Eternity is now known to me as ‘the fragrance that brought me back a couple of decades’. It’s a classic smell. It’s fresh, summery and a bit romantic. The notes of Patchouli and Sandalwood make a perfect balance so that it’s not too sugar-sweet.

The perfume came in a beautiful box, together with a tube of bodylotion. I like using a matching bodylotion with my perfume, as that enhances the smell on my body. The fact that this bodylotion is really hydrating is a plus!

Eternity is the perfect addition to the fragrances that I’m currently owning and it really is a smell for eternity…

Love, Kathleen

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2 thoughts on “Beauty ‘n Fashion: Calvin Klein – Eternity

    1. That’s true… but when using the matching bodylotion, the smell lasts a bit longer… but not long enough to get me through an entire day! Enjoy your evening Stella 🙂 Love, Kathleen

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