Beauty ‘n Fashion: Spring layering


If it’s cold, dull and grey at the end of April and you’re sick and tired of your thick winter sweaters, you can always go for the layering effect… So in today’s post you see an outfit with several layers which makes the outfit warm enough to get me through a cold day, but feels light enough to make me believe it really and truly is actually the end of April!!

My first layer is one you don’t see… it’s just a plain white top with spaghetti straps. I wear this as it gives me an extra layer and extra warmth. If it gets too warm during the day, I take it off and put it in my handbag… but these days I surely need it! The second layer is a fun and loose top which I bought at H&M last summer. I love the red an blue stripes, it gives it a marine (and thus a summery) feel. When I was in my local H&M store recently, I saw that they now have a version with just blue stripes which was also really nice.


My third layer is a classic blue cardigan. It’s a light knit I bought at Esprit a couple of summers ago to replace a similar cardigan that was really worn-out. And I’m sure that once this cardigan is too old it’ll be replaced soon too! It is such a classic piece that I always have in my wardrobe.

A final layer is my scarf. If it’s chilly, I always like to wear a scarf as that gives a comfy, warm feeling around my neck. This scarf is navy blue with pinstripes and I think it goes really well with the blue of my cardigan and the stripes of my top.

I’m combining my layers with my dark skinny G-Star trousers. They’re really stretchy and comfortable. To make them look a bit more summery, I decided to roll them up. This way I can really show off my new red pointy pumps with ankle straps from Tamaris. I am so in love with these new shoes :-). I also wore them in last week’s outfit.

What do you wear to keep warm during these cold days? Are you still wearing your winter clothes or have you chucked them out already as I have?!

Love, Kathleen

Here you can see another outfit with this scarf!









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