Talks from the heart… Hold on to eachother

“The best thing to hold onto in life is eachother” – Audrey Hepburn

hold on.jpg

What would life be without a partner, without a family, without some good friends and colleagues… we should be thankful we’ve got all those people in our lives. Because let’s be honest… what would we do without them? 

There are always times when things get rough, when things are difficult, when things don’t go as they’re planned. What in the hell would we be without our loved ones by our sides? What would we do without those good friends and colleagues to help us out? What would we be without our family to get us through the craziest of days? Who would we share memories with, who would we have fun with,…

I speak for myself, but I think that you will all agree… we need those people in our lives… as much as we are needed in theirs!

… a partner who comforts you, who holds your hand on rough paths, who loves and cherishes you… in good times and bad. Someone who you can be completely yourself with… no charades, no fake smile… Someone who you can talk to and who you can be silent with, who supports you in difficult decisions, who stands up for you, who comforts you… Someone you can be silly with, who you can be mad with… but not for long… Someone you can always fall back onto.. like a safe haven… Someone who needs you as much as you need him…

… a son or a daughter who looks up to you for whatever reason, who wants to play with you, who needs your guidance and attention, your support and advice… Who gets angry with you,  who you can not reason with at times, who you forgive and forgive so many times… because that is what you do as a parent… Who will admit (after a while) that you might have been right most of the times and he or she just couldn’t do without you… and you would be lost without him or her…

… a good friend who laughs and cries with you, who tells you her darkest secrets and fears,  who doesn’t have to look at you to know how you feel and what you think… Who lives closeby or faraway… because in true friendship distance doesn’t matter… who would leave everything and everyone to come to your help… as you would do for her…

… some fab colleagues who you can reason with… who trust you and who you can rely on… who ask for your advice and don’t mind if you aks for theirs… who share your kind of humor and who get you through the dullest day…

Each and everyone of these people play an important part in our lives. We should cherish them, we should be thankful for them… we should hold onto them for the rest of our lives!

Love, Kathleen



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