Beauty: Sisal wash cloth, jasmin soap & jasmin eau de toilette

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A couple of weeks ago I shared with you which beauty products I bought during my Easter holiday. You can read that post here. Now I have been using my sisal wash cloth, jasmin soap & jasmin eau de toilette for a couple of weeks now, so time to tell you what my thoughts are on these products!

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Beauty: Trying out some samples – Fragrances (part II)

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Last week you could read part I of this samples post. I gave you my thoughts on some fragrance samples I got at my drugstore. I tried out three more. So let’s see of I like them enough to buy the fullsize version!

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Beauty rewind n°6

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Every week I write a beauty review and often that review is based on me using the product for a couple of weeks. But would I keep on using it? Was the product thàt good that I would buy it again?

In today’s beauty rewind I take you back to the products I reviewed the last couple of months and I tell you whether I still have the same opinion about it…

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Beauty rewind n°4

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In today’s beauty rewind we’ll look back on the past 20 beautyposts. Which products do I still use? Have I changed my mind about certain products? You can read it all here! Read about all these beauty products!

Beauty : Calvin Klein – Eternity

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Last summer there were a couple of posts about my favourite fragrances. I rarely add a new fragrance to my list of favourties, but when I was in Maasmechelen Outlet Village some time ago, I just couldn’t resist… Read more about this fragrance!

Beauty rewind n°1

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On this photo some of my favourite beauty products like the Rimmel wake me up mascara and the Mac eyebrow. Both products I use daily.

I have written twenty beauty-posts for this blog already ! I think that calls for a bit of a rewind, don’t you think. I will be looking back on the things I reviewed so far and I will honestly tell you whether I’m still using it, whether I still agree with what I’ve written about the products or if I have changed my mind since posting. If you like, you can click the link to read the full review.

So here we go! Take me to that beauty rewind!