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 ‘The good, the fab and the lovely’ turns 1 this week!! Yay!! I get to blow out 1 candle… huray to me for achieving this milestone 😀 To be honest, I never thought I’d get this far. I started this blog as a hobby and that’s what it still is today, but I never ever thought I would still be blogging after a year… oh well… that goes to show how much I love my very own tiny space of the worldwide web!!


This week is a week of reflection… a week of looking back on some of my most successful blog posts of my first blogging year. But I also pay a bit of attention on the posts that didn’t do that well… Perhaps by mentioning them once again, they get a few more views?!


So here we go with this first celebration post… one year of good, fab and lovely beauty posts!!

I’ll start with the beauty posts that didn’t do well…
Like the post about our trip to Wellness Resort Zwaluwhoeve… a day of pure relaxation and utter bliss. I can but only recommend a trip to Wellness Resort Zwaluwhoeve. They’ve got lots of different saunas, they offer various treatments and there are several restaurants to satisfy the hungry stomach. If you want to find out what we did during our day at the spa, make sure to click here!


Another beauty post that didn’t do well was the one about coconut oil… “the best beauty budget buy ever” I called it in that post… Click here to find out why 🙂


Another beauty post that didn’t top the charts was the one about the Mylène bath foams. Mylène is a Belgian brand and only sells through homeparties… a perfect excuse for us Belgian ladies to  meet up with some friends and order our beauty products over a glass of wine and some tapas! Here you can read about some fab-smelling bath foams.

Now over to the posts that did do well on ‘The good, the fab and the lovely’. Here’s the top three…

Bronze medal  : Gel nails

Now on my nails : this lovely denim blue!
I’m glad this post made the top three of most liked beauty posts, because every 3-4 weeks I’m so chuffed with my nails! Claudia does a really good job and I just wouldn’t want to miss my monthly appointment with her.  Thanks Claudia for giving me such beautiful nails every couple of weeks 🙂


Silver medal : Yves Saint-Laurent Face Palette Collector Gypsy Opale

This pressed powder from Yves Saint-Laurent is a top product I must admit. I’m sorry to say that it is a limited edition so I don’t think it is still available… oh well… that gives us the opportunity to try out other products!! If you want to find out more about this pressed powder, you can find it here.


Gold medal : Erborian Pink Perfect Creme
This post  was and still is a favourite amongst you guys! I still use this cream, which I put over my daycream and under my foundation. I use it when I want to make a bit of an effort, so definitely not daily!  I must say that it gives my skin a very soft look, perfect as a base for my foundation! Click here to read all about this Pink Perfect Creme!

So a big thank you to all my lovely readers… I hope that you will keep on reading my reviews and that I will keep on inspring you. 

If you’ve got products that you can recommend, please let me now in the comments… perhaps I can try some of them out for some future beautyposts!!

Love, Kathleen

beauty posts

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