Beauty ‘n Fashion: L’Oréal Paris – Revitalift laser renew – eyes


Lately I have been using a lot of L’Oréal skincare products and today I will add one more to the list… I recently reviewed the Revitalift laser peeling lotion and the serum and cream from the Revitalift Filler collection. So that’s night and daycare taken care off… Today I will fill you in on the product that I have been using on my eyes, the Revitalift laser renew.

As this cream is for the 40+ women amongst us, it works on three issues of the ageing skin:

  • it reduces wrinkles as the product is enriched with hyaluron
  • it reduces puffiness as the product is enriched with caffeine
  • it tightens the skins as the product contains pro-xylane

Here you can read my thoughts on this eyecream:

The product comes in a red tube with a metallic roller out of which you can squeeze the needed amount of cream. I dab a bit of product underneath my eyes and ten I use the cool metallic roller to spread it out. The roller feels nice and cool and it should help to reduce the puffiness underneath my eyes, but I guess that reducing that puffiness is just a lost cause… oh well… I’ve learned to live with them (not!)…


After applying the cream underneath my eyes, I have to wait  a bit to let the product set in. The cream isn’t instantly absorbed by my skin which is a bit of a pity. But after I’ve brushed my teeth, my skin underneath my eyes feels firmer and softer and it’s a perfect base for the rest of my make-up routine.

Pros :

  • metallic roller which feels nice and cool
  • my skin feels firmer and softer after the product has been absorbed by my skin
  • price

Cons :

  • the product takes some time to set in
  • the cream nor the roller don’t seem to do anything about the puffiness underneath my eyes (but then nothing really does…)


This Revitalift laser renew for the eyes is a good cream for its price. Even though it takes a bit of time to set in, I would definitely recommend this product!

Have you used this eyecream already? What did you think of if? Or can you recommend another one? Let me know in the comments!

Love, Kathleen

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