Trips n’ Travels: Holland: Utrecht – By day and by night


A final post on our recent weekend break today… and it’s another one on Utrecht.

We really love this Dutch student town. There is so much to see and do, like the Aboriginal Art Museum of which I did a post last year, the many courtyards where you can have a moment of rest and the botanical gardens which can be found right outside the city centre.

But in today’s post I will just show you heaps of photos of the city centre by day and by night. Because this city centre is so cosy to walk around in… there are so many beautiful buildings, winding little streets to get lost in and the canals and bridges add so much character to this city.

Utrecht wouldn’t be Utrecht without the Dom. If you wander aroud the historical city centre, it’s a focal point you see appearing everywhere. You can climb the steps to see the view, which will be no doubt fantastic… but we haven’t come around yet to do that… next time maybe!



Utrecht has also many tranquil places, like the courtyards you could read about in my post from a few weeks ago (see here). But besides those courtyards, there are also lots of little places where you can sit down for a minute and watch the world go by.


This photo was taken in one of the many courtyards we encountered on our courtyard walking route.

I don’t know about you, but the presence of water in a town has always attracted me. I guess that is why I like Dutch towns so much… there are always canals and rivers running through them! And that always adds just that little extra, don’t you think… rivers, canals, fountains, the sea,… as long as it’s not rain I’m happy with water!





When we were in Utrecht we were so lucky with the weather. We enjoyed our pre-dinner drink on one of the many outdoor terraces before heading to Le Connaisseur where we had made our diner reservation. After diner we continued our walk through the city center.As it was getting dark, all the lights were lit.


Here we enjoyed a couple of after-diner drinks… enjoying the humming and buzzing of people having a good time…
I loved the interior of this little restaurant! We just passed it, wouldn’t have a clue which restaurant it is though…





We thoroughly enjoyed our evening in Utrecht… it was one of the first warm nights of the year so everyone was sitting on the outdoor terraces near the the Oude Gracht. There was a humming and buzzing of people having a good time and it was nearing 11 when we took the bus back to our hotel.

So definitely a golden tip… when in Utrecht, make sure to spend the evening near the Oude Gracht as there is such a cosy and social atmosphere!

Well… this was the last travel post of our weekend break to Holland. We sure did a lot on those 3 days, didn’t we… It may seem too much, but actually we did everything at a leisurely pace (especially because it was so hot those days!).

Here’s a little recap of the travel posts I wrote about our trip :

I hope you enjoyed the travel posts and perhaps it inspired you just a bit 🙂

Love, Kathleen

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