Travel: Holland – My 5 favourite travelposts (so far…)

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My husband and I love spending a day or weekend break in Holland for various reasons: it’s not far but it always feels like a bit of holiday as it’s another country, we love the Dutch little towns which ooze history, we like the Dutch atmoshpere and people and they now a thing or two about wining and dining! So you see… plenty of reasons to pay a visit to our lovely neighbouring country 🙂

I have written many posts about Holland so far, so I want to share with you my 5 favourite travelposts about our neighbouring country. Here we go!

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Travel: Must-visit parks and gardens – part III

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Clingendael Park - Japanese Garden, Den Haag, Holland

After our visit to English and French gardens, we’ll stay in the Low Countries for this final post on parks and gardens.

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Must-visit parks and gardens – part I

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When on a holiday or a day trip I like to visit a park or garden. So I have decided to dedicate three travelposts on must-visit parks and gardens. Today I take you to England.

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Holland: Utrecht – St-Martin’s Cathedral

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Today you can read a second post about my daytrip to Utrecht, which my best friend Katrien and I visited a couple of weeks before.

Last week you could read about our visit to the Rietveld-Schröder House (see this post) and today I will tell you a bit more about the Cathedral.

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Holland: Utrecht – Rietveld Schröder house

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Last Friday I went to Utrecht with my best friend Katrien. As she turned 40 a few months ago, I wanted to treat her on a day out. She got to pick the destination and I would make sure we’d have something cultural, gastronomic and money-spending to do that day 🙂

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Lazy Sunday

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It’s been a hot week.. so I definitely need this lazy Sunday to unwind! Why don’t you and I have a look at what posts have appeared here on my blog…

A beauty post about an eyebrow crayon from Maybelline, a quote about togetherness, a tips ‘n trips about Dordrecht… and high tea… and Jane Austen (what a day!) and in the outfitpost there was a flashback to all summer outfits. Which one is your favourite?  Tell me in the comments!

And now it’s onto autumn…

Love, Kathleen

PS: this picture was taken in Utrecht of which you can read a post here!

Travel recap n°4

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This tips’n trips recap has links to blogposts about my own country Belgium, but also about France, the Netherlands and England as well as one collab post and one celebration post… let me take you back to the past 15 tips ‘n trips posts! Read this 4th tips ‘n trips recap!

Holland: Utrecht – by day and night

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A final post on our recent weekend break today… and it’s another one on Utrecht. Read more about Utrecht!

Holland: Utrecht – Botanic Gardens

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I have already shouted you at several travel posts from our weekend break to Holland last month but I still owe you 3!! Today I will tell you more about our visit to the Botanic Gardens in Utrecht… so all you garden-lovers out there… stay tuned! Read more about these Botanic Gardens!

Holland: Utrecht – a walk through courtyards

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Today’s tips ‘n trips post is about a walking tour we did recently when visiting Utrecht.

Read more about this trip!