Beauty ‘n Fashion: Striped t-shirt


One of the all-time summer classics must be the striped t-shirt. And this year I got one for free! The t-shirt (from Pablo) came as a present with the July  edition of the lifestyle magazine Feeling. Isn’t that just great?! You buy a magazine and get a fab t-shirt for free…

In this post you can see how I styled it for a trip to Ghent! I usually wear this t-shirt really casual. In my opion it just screams for denim, don’t you agree? So I decided to wear it with my favourite one… my bleached, distressed denim from E5. I just tuck the T-shirt in at the front to create a waistline. That way you can also see the brown belt in my jeans.

My military jacket goes so well with this t-shirt and trousers.It’s a simple outfit in which I feel comfortable and casual but still stylish and feminine!

My Timberland booties are so comfortable and they’re a perfect match for this outfit. I bought these booties in York last year. It was love at first sight!  (I like buying stuff on holidays… whenever I wear it, it takes me back to where I bought it!).

Do you have a striped t-shirt? How do you style it?

Love, Kathleen

Here you see another outfit with my military jacket!








Photography : Elizabeth Kluskens

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