Beauty ‘n Fashion: Summer stuff for fall


I know this is the first autumn outfit, but as the weather is still oh so very nice to us, I’m still wearing a lot of of my summer clothes. Today’s outfit is all about stuff and accessories I wore before in other outfits! I like wearing my clothes in different ways and on different occassions.

This skirt for instance… I don’t know whether you remember it from a couple of months ago? I wore it really chique with a glitter top and blazer to go to a party (see here). But this week I decided to wear this 100% silk Liu Jo skirt  in a very casual way.

I combined it with a breton striped t-shirt (you know… the free one from this outfit!), my denim jacket (which was a steal at only 20 EUR – see this outfit too!) and my comfy silver hush puppies. I must say that I got complemented a couple of times at work which is always great for one’s ego 😀

Now just a couple of tips… if you want to wear sneakers underneath a long skirt, make sure that the skirt is really, really long otherwise it just doesn’t look right! And if you’re small, make sure that the jacket you’re wearing with your long skirt is short.

I really liked how this combination turned out. Do you like it? Would you wear sneakers underneath a long skirt? Tell me in the comments!

Love, Kathleen

Here you can see last year’s first fall outfit 🙂










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