Beauty ‘n Fashion: Hand creams


Last week I told you about the foot pumice and butter I like to use for my feet, well today I will tell you more about the two hand creams I use! With getting older it is ever so important to take care of your hands as they rapidly show signs of aging. The skin on your hands can get dry and wrinkly and you can get aging spots so my top tip for all you young people is… the sooner you start using hand cream, the better! Just make a habit of it and your older self will be ever so grateful…

Rituals Miracle Balm – White lotus and Gingko Biloba


I’d read about the Rituals hand cream in a magazine and in the review it said that, besides being a good cream, it also had a fabulous smell. So during my next stop at Rituals, I smelled this hand cream and I totally had to agree… this cream smells so soft, so good, so fresh! I decided to buy it there and then!



  • smells absolutely divine…
  • very rich in texture
  • price (only 10 EUR for a 75 ml tube!)
  • to wake up with extra soft hands, just rub a slightly thicker layer on your hands and leave it on overnight
  • very nourishing


  • some might find this handcream too greasy

Mylène- hand cream


Another favorite is the Mylène hand cream. Mylène has several hand creams in its collection, but this one is my favorite because it is so nourishing. It has been on my night table for several years now and I’ve made a habit out of it to smear a generous dollop on my hands before going to bed!



  • a fresh citrus smell (completely different than the Rituals one!)
  • contains mink oil which has a healing effect
  • price (only 9,5 EUR for a 50 ml jar)
  • perfect during winter, as it also heals chapped hands


  • some might find this handcream too greasy


Both handcreams (esp the Rituals one) are greasy, but that is exactly how I like them! I have used hand creams that are less greasy, but I prefer these heavier creams. I really can recommend both creams, but I’ve got a slight preference for the Rituals cream, just because of the smell!

Love, Kathleen

Here you can read a review of the Mylène mink oil!


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