Talks from the heart… Weekends

“In the weekend I do this fabulous thing called ‘whatever I want’ ” – Nanea Hoffman

Oh how I love weekends… I try to fill them with all these fab things I love doing!

Of course there are always things that need to be done like grocery shopping, cleaning, washing and ironing… but I always make sure to leave some time to do these fabulous things called ‘whatever I want’…

Spending some time with the family, having a long hot bath with some lovely jazz in the background, sipping some fab wine, reading a book or a magazine, watching Netflix,… Oh my god… weekends are just always too short, don’t you agree?

But I try to fit in as much ‘whatever I want’ as possible, because it’s those things that give me energy…

How do you like to spend your weekends?

Love, Kathleen

PS: above picture was taken at Paleis Soestdijk on one of my ‘whatever I want’ days…


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