Books ‘n Blogging: Jane Austen’s England… looking for fans to back this project!

Photo courtesy of Karin Quint

A couple of months ago I went to a lecture in Dordrecht… now the fact that this lecture was followed by a delicious high tea, may have persuaded me to actually make the effort to drive all the way to Dordrecht. But the topic of this lecture really appealed to me… the lecture was about Jane Austen and more specifically about travelling in Jane Austen’s time.

Now I won’t go into details about this lecture again… you can read all about it in this post. The reason why I look back on it now is the fact that the woman who gave that lecture, the lovely Karin Quint, is looking for Jane Austen fans to back her Kickstarter campaign.

Karin Quint is the author of ‘Het Engeland van Jane Austen’, a travel guide which takes you on a journey through England. You get to know the places Jane Austen and the characters of her books visited and Karin also takes you to the locations where the many adaptations were filmed.

Lyme Park, aka Pemberley from Pride and Prejudice

It really is an interesting read… and what makes it so special is, that it isn’t just a travel guide… it’s also a biography as you really get to know Jane Austen, her family, her relationships with family and friends, the habits of 18th-19th century England,… On top of it all the book is filled with beautiful pictures to persuade you to visit the places yourself 🙂

This book actually is a gem for all Jane Austen fans. As this book is written in Dutch, it only reaches a small group of Jane Austen fans. It is Karin Quint’s dream to publish an English version… and that’s where all those Jane Austen fans from around the world can chip in…

With a Kickstarter campaign, Karin is looking for people to back her project. With this campaign you can make a pledge and pre-order a copy. No losers here… the money will only be deducted from your credit card if the book actually gets published… ànd in return your book will be sent to you as soon as possible. You can read all about this Kickstarter campaign here… You can also visit Karin’s facebook page and website for more information.

I really and truly hope that this book gets published in English… I have pre-ordered my copy… will you?! Feel free to share this post to people who might be interested…

Love, Kathleen

Here you can read a travelpost about Lyme Park… aka Pemberly from Pride and Prejudice!



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