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England: Chawton – Looking for Jane Austen (part II)

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Last week there was a first post about Chawton in which I told you all about the Jane Austen House Museum.

Today I will take you on a little stroll around this tiny Hampshire village and I will tell you more about the Chawton House Estate.

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England: Chawton – Looking for Jane Austen (part I)

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Last week we’ve had the most delightful shortbreak in England of which I will write many travelposts in the weeks and even months to come… so brace yourself for lots of England-posts 😀

The first two travelposts will be about Chawton, the little village in Hampshire, where Jane Austen lived her final and most productive years.

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The bookclub: Symposium “Jane Austen – Fiction and Fame”

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foto van Kathleen Buytaert.
The hall of the University Library, in which we were welcomed and where we had our lunch.

OK, so I promised you a post about Antwerp museums, but that will have to wait for another week I suppose… because today I want to tell you about an outing I had last Saturday! I went to Utrecht for an entire day of lectures about Jane Austen…

Are you as much of a Jane Austen fan as I am? Read on I’d say 🙂

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Jane Austen’s England… looking for fans to back this project!

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Photo courtesy of Karin Quint

A couple of months ago I went to a lecture in Dordrecht… now the fact that this lecture was followed by a delicious high tea, may have persuaded me to actually make the effort to drive all the way to Dordrecht. But the topic of this lecture really appealed to me… the lecture was about Jane Austen and more specifically about travelling in Jane Austen’s time.

Now I won’t go into details about this lecture again… you can read all about it in this post. The reason why I look back on it now is the fact that the woman who gave that lecture, the lovely Karin Quint, is looking for Jane Austen fans to back her Kickstarter campaign. Click here to read more about this project!

Holland: Dordrecht – Jane Austen and Hightealicious

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I’m a bit of a Jane Austen fan. Ok, I admit it… I’m struggling to read her books in English (at the rate I am currently going it will probably take me another 10 years to finish them all), but I have seen a lot of film and television adaptations. I just love these costume dramas… the slow storylines, the beautiful scenery, the fantastic locations… And it would  definitely be a dream come true to make a Jane Austen themed trip around England and attend the Jane Austen festival in Bath! Read more!

England : Lyme Park and Chatsworth House

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Last Tuesday you could read a quote from the one and only Mr. Darcy. In that post I already told you about our visits to Lyme Park and Chatsworth House in the Peak District. Well, today I will do that more elaborate and add heaps of photos of these estates as both are so delightful to visit! Read more about these two estates!

Today’s quote : Mr Darcy

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“You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you” – Mr Darcy in Pride & Prejudice (Jane Austen)

In the beautiful Peak District at Stanage Edge.

Mister Darcy (sigh)… now where to begin?! Well… in 1994 I guess, the year of the BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice… Read more on Mr Darcy and this quote!