Beauty ‘n Fashion: Mad men


The fifties definitely brought some stylish trends… like the pencil dress. And today’s outfitpost will take you back to those happy days in a flash! This dress… it’s so fifties don’t you think? I really feel like Joan Holloway from the fab TV show Mad Men! Mid length, body hugging, tucked in at the waist… Oh yes… I am really showing off the figure here! For this dress you just gotta have some hips… and for once that suits me just fine 🙂

I like the boat neck and the leather belt. I’m styling this dress with a black turtleneck or like in this outfitpost with my black bolero.


I bought this dress lots and lots of years ago and it only cost me 10 EUR as the zipper had broken down. Quite a bargain, isn’t it ?! I just had to get it to the seamstress who put a new zipper in it and I had a beautiful new dress for a fraction of the price!

A bold red lipstick, my Raybans and my classic pearl earrings I bought at Buckingham Palace a couple of summers ago are perfect with this dress. My mary-janes and my stockings with a seam at the back really finish off this fifties inspired outfit which is another winner to me!

No matter how old this dress is, it is such a classic, don’t you think?!

Love, Kathleen

Here you can see another body hugging dress!










Photography: Peter Kluskens

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