Outfit of the week: Yellow dress (still longing for spring I guess!)

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I guess the bright and beautiful weather from a couple of weeks ago made me buy a bright a beautiful colour on a couple of occasions: YELLOW! Last week you could see my new yellow sweater in a bold and vivid shade of yellow, today you see a softer version of this sumery colour.

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Outfit of the week: Leopard print dress

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Just before Christmas I have been shopping at H&M… and my shopping spree was so succesful! I have bought three sweaters and two dresses! Today I show you the second dress I bought back then… the leopard print dress!

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Outfit of the week: Bright blue maxidress

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Today I’ve got for you a bright blue maxidress with which it was love at first sight… Read on to know more about it!

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Fashion: Polkadots

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This week in the outfit of the week a lovely print… polkadots! When I saw this dress in H&M recently I immediately was drawn to it for two reasons: the lovely green colour and the polkadots! Read more about this polkadots dress!

Fashion: Mad men

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The fifties definitely brought some stylish trends… like the pencil dress. And today’s outfitpost will take you back to those happy days in a flash! Read more about this fifties-inspired dress!

Fashion: Black ‘n white summer dress

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This black ‘n white summer dress… I must admit that I really have been wanting to chuck it out several times, but everytime it ends up on the ‘maybe’ pile and thus back in my wardrobe.. and every summer I wear it several times and I’m glad that I haven’t thrown it out just yet… Read more about this black ‘n white summer dress!

Fashion: How to wear… black ‘n white dress

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Black 'n white with an orange coat

Last Saturday I wore my mini black ‘n white dress with a black turtleneck underneath. In today’s post, I style three black ‘n white dresses… with an orange coat, a red long cardigan and a teal fake fur. Which style do you prefer? You can vote in the poll below the images!
Love, Kathleen

See two more styles + poll!