Beauty ‘n Fashion: New year’s eve outfit


On this last day of the year, one more outfitpost… and let me tell you… it’s a fun one!! Now I never ever would’ve thought that I would be wearing a skimpy little playsuit at age 45… and yet I do… 😀

After my visit at Greet Moens’ closet sale (of which I told you about here) I went outside with 3 fab pieces to add to my own closet… a teal dress, a sleeveless blazer and… a black playsuit!

I tried on this playsuit, not really knowing what to expect… But when I looked in the mirror I was quite pleasantly surprised with what I saw! My sister Maggy, who was there to give her unbiased opinion, assured me that it really looked good.

And yes ok I admit… it might be a tad short, but with black tights I think I can really get away with it! Especially because the playsuit in itself is quite demure, with the high neckline. I love how this neckline is rimmed with a little white collar.


For this new year’s eve outfit I decided to wear my black playsuit with this fab fuchsia belt (which comes straight of the nineties), my long golden earrings from Other Stories, my Tamaris pumps and this cute little black handbag. A bold fuchia lipstick finishes off the look.

I want to wish you all a good, fab and lovely New Year’s eve… Enjoy the party… enjoy the champagne and the food, but most important of all… enjoy eachother’s company!

Love, Kathleen

Here you can see me wearing a black jumpsuit.







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