Fashion: Grey woollen vest


My outfit of the week is all about my new grey woollen vest. I bought this vest recently in Amsterdam, when I was visiting this fab town. I bought the vest in De Negen Straatjes, a really lovely neighbourhood with lots and lots of fantastic shops. But more on Amsterdam soon on my blog! This vest though…

When I entered the shop I actually came, saw and conquered!

It was exactly the kind of vest I was looking for. I tried on one thing and that was it… sold! The guy behind the counter actually was a bit surprised… I guess he had never seen a woman make up her mind that fast about a purchase 😀

The vest (from the Danish brand ADPT) has a colour that I can combine with most of my clothes, it is long but not too long, the sleeves are not too wide and it is really comfy and warm with the wool and the mohair in it. But what’s very important… it is not too over-sized as most vests are nowadays. I just don’t think that too oversized looks really good on me with my height and posture.

The vest can be combined with so many things… but today I’m styling it with my black cropped woollen COS trousers, a plain white T and my soft pink scarf. I’m also wearing my ‘time turner’ necklace that I have been wearing a lot lately.

You also see the little hat I bought recently at H&M. I actually was looking for a fedora or something like that, but they didn’t look that good on me. I really liked this cloche though, a bit twenties, don’t you think ?

What do you think of this new outfit of the week ?

Love Kathleen

I already wore those black woollen pants with my grey ‘is it the weekend yet’ sweater.







Photography : Elizabeth Kluskens

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