Beauty ‘n Fashion: Sisley – Hydrating Long Lasting Lipstick


In last week’s Top Tips Tuesday post, I gave you plenty of tips on how to take care of your lips. The last tip was to wear a nourishing lipstick and as I have recently bought 2 Sisley lipsticks which fall under this category, I will tell you a bit more about them in today’s beauty post.

For my skincare and make-up products I often buy my stuff at the local drugstore. But not so for my lipsticks as I have found that paying a bit more really pays off.

When I entered the beauty store, my needs where quite clear: a neutral shade, preferably matte and definitely long lasting. I have bought lipsticks from Estée Lauder, Chanel and Dior, but I was open to other brands as well as long as they lipstick would fulfill my needs 🙂

The shop assistant helped me find the perfect lipstick and when I tried out this Sisley one, I was sold in a flash! Let me tell you why…


The promises

Here’s what I could read on the Sisley website:

The Hydrating Long Lasting Lipstick provides durable hydration and protection for your lips. This comfortable, long-lasting lipstick is available in a large range of colors with different effects: pearly, satiny, iridescent… Its glide-on texture covers and won’t bleed. Its beveled tip allows for clean, precise application.


  • Comes in 25 shades. I’ve got this lipstick in two shades: L21 (rose pamplemousse) and L12 (grenadine).  More shades will definitely be added to my collection 🙂
  • Gives a hydrating, nourishing feel to my lips.
  • Is REALLY long lasting! On an entire day I touch up twice: after lunch and after diner.
  • The consistency of this lipstick is really creamy and dense so you’ll only need to glide over your lips once or twice to colour them in.
  • Doesn’t sit in any creases (Woot woot!!! Nothing so shabby as lipstick running in the wrinkles around your lips)
  • Very luxurious, solid, golden package. The lipstick comes in a little velvet pouch for an extra touch of glamour.
  • Nostalgic smell… now I know that this doesn’t really count as a pro, but oh my god, this smell took me back a good 35 years back… it immediately reminded me of the smell of my mother’s lipsticks (which was affirmed by my sister!). Now that’s a good enough reason to buy this lipstick again 🙂
L12 (grenadine) and L21 (rose pamplemousse)


  • If anyone comes up with a con, I’d gladly begin a heated discussion with this person…


OK, this lipstick is not cheap… but I refuse to put this as a con as I am sure that it will last for months and months!

The day after buying my first Sisley lipstick (the neutral one), I bought a second one as I was immediately over the moon with it. I will definitely buy more shades once my other lipsticks are finished. The L33 rouge passion is the next on my wishlist!

I cannot remember being so euphoric on a beauty product, but this Sisley lipstick definitely brings out that feeling 😀

Love, Kathleen

Here you can read a post about red lipsticks (my next one will be a Sisley though…)!



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