Beauty ‘n Fashion: My outfits on IG – May

And another month has nearly passed, so here’s a look on my outfits I shared with you on Instagram!

The first outfit is my outfit I wore to my sister’s wedding… here you see it with a very posh accessory next to me… my hubby in his Boss suit 🙂


A second outfit was this one. I wore it to work. Those really are comfortable pants! And I just love my denim shirt!

Below you can see an outfit I wore to work. That day there was a party for a colleague who retired, so I wanted to wear something comfy but a little more posh.


And here’s another work outfit: my blue chinos, a bright coloured top (both from H&M) and my comfy Gabor wedges.


Here’s another outfit  with my comfy twill trousers from H&M (from this post), this time with a lovely white top, a dark blue jacket and a little scarf I got from a giveaway from Imapico (check out her IG!).


And a final May outfit is this one I wore last Tuesday on a fabulous spring day! My blush midi skirt and a lovely ruffled top! I love ruffled tops, but most of the time I just look too broad in them. But these ruffles are just perfect for me! Nice and flowy, not on my shoulders (as that makes me look extremely boxy!) and draped in a flattering V. This top was only about  7 EUR or so, I’m not kidding!!!



That’s all folks! Next month’s outfits will mainly consist of comfy home-wear I’m afraid as I will have a shoulder operation on June 8th 😦

See you guys!

Love, Kathleen

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