Beauty ‘n Fashion: How to pack your beauty products


Today I share with you some tips on how to pack your beauty products for a holiday or a weekend break. So if your vacation starts soon and you want your beauty products to arrive at your destination in one piece… read on 😉

I am counting the days to our holiday to England so actually I am writing this particular post to remind myself to some ‘golden rules’ in beauty packing… and of course I want to share with you my tips!

1.Stay clear from glass packaging!


I know… those glass bottles can be so beautiful to display in your bathroom… it is however not very handy to take with you on a holiday! So try to look for alternative products or… see tip 2 😀

2.Buy some little plastic containers to fill up

I have bought these little plastic containers with a screw cap. These are perfect to fill up with your favourite beauty products. That way you don’t have to pack an entire bottle ànd those glass bottles can stay at home!

3.Take samples

On the picture above you can see some samples I had saved up for a trip as well as some little jars in which I put some creams or even toothpaste!

On a longer holiday I tend to pack my go to beauty products. However on a shorter break or on a weekend break I usually take the samples that I have torn out of magazines or that I got at the beautyshop: serums, daycream, nightcream, eyecream,… the lot!

4.Pack multi-purpose products


A foundation with an SPF? A daycream that can be used as a nightcream ànd as an eyecream? A lipstick that doubles up as blush? A body lotion with an SPF? A cleanser which gives a soft peeling?

I LOVE multi-purpose products… during the year, but even more so on a holiday! Saves so much space in that beautycase…

Here are some multi-purpose products I love using:

  • The Estée Lauder Daywear Sheer Tint Release Moisturizer (soon you can read a review about this tinted daycream).
  • The Rainpharma Faithful Face guard: one tube is all you need… this product acts as a serum, a day- and nightcare and can also be used on the eyes! During the year I use an extra serum and eyecream, but on my next holiday I will only take this cream with me. It is such a good product and I trust that I can do a week without my serum and eyecream.
  • The Estée Lauder Perfectly Clean (see this post and this post): there are 2 varieties of this cleanser: one which has some scrub particles in it to give your skin a soft peeling and one which, besides being a fab cleanser, can also be used as a hydrating mask. I use both cleanser alternatingly.

5.Put tape around the caps

Sometimes the caps of your beauty product bottles open really easily. If you don’t want your micellar water to be all over your suitcase, you might want to put some tape around it to prevent it from opening… you can also consider using tip 6 😉

6.Use plastic bags

I tend to put my bottles of shampoo, conditioner, shower gel,… in plastic bags. That way, if they should open during our travels, there won’t be too much damage!

7.How to pack loose powder…


If, like me, you like to use a loose powder to set your make-up, then you’ve probably had the same problem I had when packing your loose powder… On opening the little jar, a lot of powder has gone through the sieve and everything is covered in powder in no time!

Well, I have two tips to prevent this:

  • When you buy loose powder, there usually is a plastic sticker on the sieve. You could save that.
  • If, like me, you pull that sticker off and throw it in the bin without thinking, you could fill up the gap between the sieve and the lid with make-up pads.

8.Buy stuff at your destination

You can always buy beauty products at your destination. Now I don’t usually do so, but I can imagine that, when travelling buy plane, it could be worthwhile, especially when you have to pack for an entire family.

And that’s it for now! Do you have anymore packing tips? Let me now quickly as I will start packing very soon 🙂

Love, Kathleen

Here you can read more packing tips!

2 thoughts on “Beauty ‘n Fashion: How to pack your beauty products

  1. When I travel for a few days I take samples with me (I have tons of them :)) or mini’s on summer vacation I think larger packages with me but only mascara and liner for make-up I don’t use make up on holiday usually

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