Beauty ‘n Fashion: My outfits on IG – July


The last couple of weeks I have posted some of my summer outfits on Instagram. Here’s a quick recap…

This first outfit is all about this lovely soft colour combination: blush and khaki, which you could also see in this fashionpost. Soon after taking this picture, I had to ditch the cardigan though, as the sun broke out!


Another outfit with these twill pants from H&M… this time with my marine striped sweater from Liu Jo.  Untitled

Aaaah… my fab blue pants, which you could see several times in last month’s ‘My outfits on IG’-post ! This time I wear them with comfy wedges, a striped short-sleeved sweater and a navy blazer!


And this dress I scored in the sales!!! I absolutely LOVE it!!! It has this beautiful neckline (which you can’t see because of the little cardigan), the most fabulous print and I love the length. Yip… scored with this dress on several occasions!


And I also wore this dress during my recent holiday in England as you can see here…


The outfit below I wore twice: once for a trip to Antwerp (to register my youngest in a new school) and a couple of days later to Hasselt (on a day out with the hubby). This Maje skirt… now that’s what I call a showstopper! I am wearing it with a lovely golden top from Esprit, my gold coloured wedge sandals from Gabor and a big smile as I feel absolutely fabulous in this outfit!


I also wore this skirt during our England trip and to be more precise on the day I visited Highclere castle (aka Downton Abbey!!!) and to Shaftesbury where I gladly flaunted this skirt during my climb up Gold Hill…



And this last outfit I wore on a warm and sunny day when we had some friends over for diner.


What is you favorite outfit ? I must say that I am totally in love with that black skirt…

Love, Kathleen



7 thoughts on “Beauty ‘n Fashion: My outfits on IG – July

  1. I love that black skirt and that dress have beautiful neckline. These two outfits all have a sweet detail to make an outfit more stunning. The ruffles and neck statement. Perfect!


    1. Thank you Lise for this sweet comment! That Maje skirt is top… it wasn’t cheap, but I am glad I bought it!!! It is just so glam… and I can wear it throughout the year which will be good for the ‘cost-per-wear’ 😉 Have a lovely weekend! Kathleen x


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