Beauty ‘n Fashion: Erborian – Glow Creme


You see… it does pay off to enter an Instagram giveaway now and again… Last week I told you all about my Paris Shopping Tour that I won and today you can read about the Erobarion Glow Creme I won a couple of months ago.

I have been using other Erborian products, like the Pink Perfect Creme and the CC and now, with thanks to ICI Paris XL I got to test out the Glow Creme 🙂

About the product

Now at first I thought that this Glow Creme would be a bit like the Pink Perfect, but whereas the Pink Perfect is a primer, the Glow Creme adds… glow 🙂 It is an illuminating face cream and here’s what I could read on the Erborian website:

The Korean secret to a visibly perfect complexion lies in high-tech, multi-use formulas that help to improve the appearance of your skin, so it looks luminous and soft.

GLOW CRÈME offers a luminous blur effect and a fresh complexion in a simple step. This multi-benefit cream, with an illuminating effect, helps to give skin a fresh, dewy, perfect-looking finish. Upon application, GLOW CRÈME helps to reveal a pearly glow and a radiant complexion that seems to catch and subtly reflect the light, like a “hologram effect”.

Enriched with Licorice extract, GLOW CRÈME helps to brighten, beautify and moisturise, while also helping to smooth the skin. Subtly pearlescent, your skin looks luminous, with an “ultra-radiant” glow effect.

You can imagine how I wanted to test this product out… and here are my thoughts!



On this picture you can see the illuminating effect of the Glow Creme.


How to use

You can use this product in different ways:

  • use as a make-up base: layer it on top of your day cream and below your foundation
  • use as a highlighter: after applying your make-up you can use it on certain parts of your face to highlight them
  • mix it with your foundation: to make your foundation more radiant (that’s the way I use this cream)


  • perfect make-up base
  • gives your face a bit of a vibrant sheen but not too much
  • quickly absorbed by the skin
  • adds a subtle glow


  • Yet another step in your beauty routine…


I must say that I don’t always use this Glow Creme as it is yet another step in my beauty routine… serum, day cream, primer, glow creme, foundation, water spray on top, powder… pfff, it would be just too much on an ordinary work day!

But I certainly use this Glow Creme on days my skin looks a bit dull and mother nature can use a bit of help or I mix it with my foundation to save a bit of time 🙂

Love, Kathleen

Here you can read my thoughts on the Erborian Pink Creme 



2 thoughts on “Beauty ‘n Fashion: Erborian – Glow Creme

    1. Hahahaha, indeed!!! I usually mix it with my foundation, but I’m not sure whether I will buy it again when this one’s finished… probably will want to try out something else by then 😉 Love, Kathleen


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