Beauty rewind n°6

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Every week I write a beauty review and often that review is based on me using the product for a couple of weeks. But would I keep on using it? Was the product thàt good that I would buy it again?

In today’s beauty rewind I take you back to the products I reviewed the last couple of months and I tell you whether I still have the same opinion about it…

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Beauty: Erborian – Glow Creme

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You see… it does pay off to enter an Instagram giveaway now and again… Last week I told you all about my Paris Shopping Tour that I won and today you can read about the Erobarion Glow Creme I won a couple of months ago.

I have been using other Erborian products, like the Pink Perfect Creme and the CC and now, with thanks to ICI Paris XL I got to test out the Glow Creme 🙂

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Beauty: Erborian – BB crème

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During warm summer days, I don’t like to wear a lot of make-up and especially foundation can feel too much. So I went looking for an alternative and I bought these two products…

  • Estée Lauder Daywear Sheer Tint Release Moisturizer (of which you could read my thoughts in last week’s post
  • Erborian BB Crème

Time now to reveal my thoughts on the infamous BB crème!

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Beauty tips for summer…

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During summer you won’t need those heavier creams. No, you want your beauty routine to be as light and airy as a lovely summer’s day…

Here are some tips on how to change your beauty routine during the summer months.

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Beauty: Skincare and make-up routine for a wedding!

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So I guess this is the final blogpost about my sister’s wedding 🙂 In today’s post, I will take you through my skincare and make-up routine for that day. There were plenty of steps before the finished result and here you can read them all! Read the rest of this entry »

One year of good, fab and lovely posts : beauty

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beauty posts

 ‘The good, the fab and the lovely’ turns 1 this week!! Yay!! I get to blow out 1 candle… huray to me for achieving this milestone 😀 To be honest, I never thought I’d get this far. I started this blog as a hobby and that’s what it still is today, but I never ever thought I would still be blogging after a year… oh well… that goes to show how much I love my very own tiny space of the worldwide web!!


This week is a week of reflection… a week of looking back on some of my most successful blog posts of my first blogging year. But I also pay a bit of attention on the posts that didn’t do that well… Perhaps by mentioning them once again, they get a few more views?!


So here we go with this first celebration post… one year of good, fab and lovely beauty posts!! Take me to those good, fab and lovely beauty posts!

Beauty : Garnier – Miracle Skin Cream

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Recently I bought this Miracle Skin Cream from Garnier. I thought it was an ordinary daycream, but actually it is more like the CC crème from Erborian I bought and of which I am quite delighted !  Read more about this Garnier Miracle skin cream!

Beauty : What to pack for a weekend break!

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Last weekend my husband and I went on a weekend break to Holland. You can read all about our adventures really soon in tips ‘n trips, but in this beauty post, I reveal what I packed into my beauty case… Read what I packed on our weekend break!

Beauty : Erborian – CC crème

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Not long ago I bought my first Erborian product. The Pink Perfect Crème, of which you read the review here. Now I am quite impressed with this product as you could read and I said so to the shopkeeper so she kindly gave me some other Erborian samples to try.

One of them was this CC crème of which I was, again, an immediate fan. Read more about this Erborian CC crème!

Beauty : Erborian – Pink Perfect Creme

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At my local beauty store I prefer getting free samples of skincare products over fragrance samples. Concerning my fragrances I am quite loyal to a few favorites, so  if I get fragrance samples, they keep in my bathroom cabinet until I ditch them…  So skincare samples please !

Recently I got a sample from the Pink Perfect Cream from the Korean brand Erborian. Read more about this Pink Perfect Creme!