Beauty : Erborian – Pink Perfect Creme


At my local beauty store I prefer getting free samples of skincare products over fragrance samples. Concerning my fragrances I am quite loyal to a few favorites, so  if I get fragrance samples, they keep in my bathroom cabinet until I ditch them…  So skincare samples please !

Recently I got a sample from the Pink Perfect Cream from the Korean brand Erborian.

Erborian uses ingredients derived  from Korean medicinal plants to create products that give radiance and youth on the skin… or so they make us believe… So I was glad I got a sample from this brand, because if there are two things my skin needs, it most certainly is radiance and youth !

After putting on my usual moisturizer I put on the Pink Perfect Cream. I was simply astonished by the immediate result. My skin was really even, soft and had a fresh look. On the tube it says ‘secret glow’ and I have to admit that is true ! After the Pink Perfect Cream I applied my foundation. I really needed less product as it glided so smoothly over the Pink Perfect Cream. I also had the impression that my make-up lasted longer.

After using the sample two days in a row, I was off to the beauty store ! The tube is quite stiff, but has a handy dosing cap so you can carefully dose the amount needed. According to Erborian, you can use this product instead of your day cream. Personally I think the cream doesn’t hydrate enough. Perhaps younger skins could do without extra hydration, but I’m passed the age where I can skip my moisturizer. So I am using this Pink Perfect cream more as a primer. I was quickly convinced though that this product enhances the way my skin looks and feels. I believe this product will soon be one of my favorites !

Love, Kathleen


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