Beauty ‘n Fashion: Blue jumpsuit


I actually wasn’t going to buy something new for the festive season… but how could I say no to this fabulous cobalt blue jumpsuit?! I couldn’t… so it’s mine now 😀

I love this rich, cobalt blue and I think the colour really suits me. Everytime I am wearing something in this fab blue, I just feel great! So when I tried on this jumpsuit at JBC, I didn’t hesitate… off to the counter!

It’s not just the colour that stands out. I also like the lacey capsleeves which are very pretty and don’t you just love that low back with the bow? It makes it all extra festive, doesn’t it?!


This jumpsuit is so comfortable and the fabric is thick enough to cover up all these bits and pieces you want to cover… It’s something I will be able to wear throughout the year. I can see myself wearing it to an Easter brunch or to a summer party!

For today’s fashionpost I have styled the jumpsuit with the same belt I wore with my velvet dress last week. It’s a belt that stretches and that is covered in bling. Perfect to spice up any outfit actually!


My pearl earrings I bought at Buckingham Palace a couple of years ago and my ring is brandnew… it’s from Mylène, a Belgian brand which sells through homeparties. They sell beauty products, household linen, cleaning products, underwear,… and now they also sell affordable, stylish and trendy jewellery like this ring from the Colorati collection. They’re actually two rings combined and as they sell different coloured stones, you can mix and match the way you want.


And this is my last outfit from 2017! What do you think of it? Do you like this colour as much as I do?

Love, Kathleen










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