Talks from the heart… Happy New Year!


2018 has arrived Ladies (and the odd Gentleman I’m sure 🙂 ) and like every year we wish eachother all the best… but what is that exactly in the world we live in today?!

Well, first of all I wish everyone the warmth of having a loving family and the joy of having a bunch of crazy friends to step into the new year.

Because let’s be honest… who could live a happy life without having people around, feeling loved, being able to share memories together, have eachother’s back in difficult times, having a shoulder to cry on,… just knowing that there are people in your life you can rely on… as they can rely on you?!


I’m sure that if you look back on 2017 and you think about the ‘good times’, those ‘good times’ involved the people you love and not that pretty dress you’ve bought.

And then I immediately think of my sister’s wedding… Before the wedding we were all making sure our outfits would be on point. And ok, on the day itself we all looked more than fine, but on that special day it was love and friendship that prevailed far more than our outfits!

So when I look back upon that day, it is with such a warm feeling in my heart: all of us enjoying that day, surrounded by so many people who have a special place in our hearts and we all were really living the moment and we were so grateful to share this day with the people we love and cherish the most.


I also want to wish you all a good health and I don’t say these words lightly. Since we’ve had our fair share of medical problems over the years, I really and truly mean them as ‘a good health’ is probably the most important thing someone can have!

And I know we live in a world filled with terror and war, Trumps and Kim Jong-Uns, ISIS’s and Al Qaida’s, climate pollution and food shortages, diseases and disasters…

But I really want 2018 for you to be a wonderful, peaceful and carefree year… try to see things through the eyes of a child and be amazed by the small things happening in your life.

Make 2018 a year to treasure ♥

Love, Kathleen





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