Beauty ‘n Fashion: Cropped Denims


OK… I know… I’ve got short legs and I actually have to stay clear from cropped pants. And yes, with sneakers it’s even worse for my height… but sometimes I just put comfort before elegance and I don’t care about ‘fashion rules’!

I’ve bought myself these cropped denims at Liu Jo in the outlet village of Roermond (check out this post).

I hesitated I have to admit as I know that cropped pants don’t do anything for my height… but I loved the hemline, I loved the wide legs and I just let my heart speak when I went off to the counter 🙂


For today’s fashionpost, I am wearing these pants with my new Adidas sneakers. I know I won’t wear them that often, but having sneakers is actually a must… I will be ever so glad I have bought them when I go to Madrid at the end of the month as I will be walking miles and miles during that citytrip 🙂

For this outfit I am wearing my new denims with a colour combo I love: ochre and silvery grey. The vest is so comfy and warm and I like this top I bought at Lola and Liza last year. I have worn it so many times this past year and in so many combinations like here with black pants or here combined with the brightest of blues!


These cropped denims can be worn in many ways. I have worn them with heels and a chique blouse, which gives them an entirely different look! So even though croppped pants might not be the best choice for my body type, I couldn’t care less and I wear them whenever and however I want!

Love, Kathleen






4 thoughts on “Beauty ‘n Fashion: Cropped Denims

  1. You do look so comfortable! I share the short factor with you and I just can’t pull off the cropped pants very often. I’ve tried! I think I have one pair that looks halfway decent but I only bought one and now I can’t find that fit again!

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    1. A trick I have learned from a personal stylist is to dress in one colour when wearing cropped pants. Wearing shoes in the same colour as your pants helps as well. And to make your appearence look longer, you can wear a long necklace or a scarf leaving the ends long… so not quite as I am wearing them in this post 😛 But I have tried this trick and it actually works! Perhaps something to think about when styling cropped pants? Good luck 🙂 Love, Kathleen


    1. Thank you so much! I’ve got several cropped pants and I know I shouldn’t be wearing them as I am so short… but I just keep on buying them for some reason 😀


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