Beauty ‘n Fashion: Perfume: Lanvin – Arpège


Don’t you think it’s time for another fragrance review? Well let me tell you then all about Arpège from Lanvin.

I was able to score this Lanvin eau de parfum at a serious discount. It only cost me 29 EUR for a 100 ml bottle of eau de parfum instead of the 83 EUR it normally costs.

It was a blind buy, I must admit as I bought it online, but I did some research on the site where I found out that this fragrance resembles Chanel n°5 which is one of my favourite fragrances (as you can read in this post) and this persuaded me to buy it.

Now… what do I think about this fragrance? And does it really and truly resemble Chanel n°5? Let me tell you straight away… it does 😀


The fact that this perfume founds its origin in France during the 1920ies, just like Chanel n°5, most definitely has something to do with that. I really think Arpège wanted to compete with it’s rival! And even though Chanel n°5 can’t be beaten, Arpège certainly is a solid competitor.

This eau de parfum has a wonderful smell… flowery (I smell jasmin and rose!), soapy, powdery, but there’s also a touch of wood.

It’s a bit of an old fashioned, lady-like smell and some might find this fragrance on the heavy side. It is however a touch lighter than Chanel n°5 and I gladly wear it during the day as well as at night.

My skin takes this fragrance wonderfully. It lasts for hours on end and the smell doesn’t change.

I also like the bottle. It’s classy, sophisticated and chique.

Yip… definitely a fab buy and I couldn’t resist buying another bottle straight away as it was still in promotion!

Do you know this fragrance? Do you like it? Have you ever bought a perfume without smelling it?

Love, Kathleen

PS: Here you can read another review of two ‘blind buys’…



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