Beauty ‘n Fashion: Trying out some samples (Sanex, Mixa and ICI Paris XL)


Welcome to yet another ‘trying out some samples’! Today I have 4 samples to share with you: Mixa nourishing body milk, Mixa hydrating day cream, Sanex zero % shower gel and a gentle facial scrub from ICI Paris XL.

Read on to find out my first impressions… and would I buy it or not?

Sample: Sanex Zero % Shower Gel

First impression? Apparently this shower gel only contains ingredients to make sure you’re skin is clean and hydrated. And I’m sure people with über-sensitive skin will be fine with this product, but I just want more… I want my shower gel to smell lovely and I want my shower gel to foam… this shower gel just didn’t cover my needs.

To buy or not to buy? This is a no for me…

Sample: Mixa Nourishing Body Milk

First impressions? I really liked this body milk. I used it when my legs were feeling very dry and they absorbed this body milk gladly. There was a soft smell, nothing too overpowering. I applied the milk in the morning and at night my legs still felt soft and hydrated.

To buy or not to buy? This body milk is definitely to be recommended for dryer skintypes. I will certainly keep it in mind!


Sample: ICI Paris XL – Gentle Facial Scrub

First impressions? This scrub is from the private brand from cosmetic store ‘ICI Paris XL’. I wouldn’t exactly call this a scrub, it’s more like a gommage as it has these very fine, natural exfoliating particles. It’s very soft to the skin and as the scrub contains shea butter, my skin felt hydrated after using this scrub. It’s got a fresh, subtle smell, which made using this scrub even more pleasant.

To buy or not to buy? This scrub comes at a very friendly price (about 7 EUR for a 30 ml tube) so I intend to buy this scrub when I’ve run out of scrubs 🙂

Sample: Mixa – Anti-Redness Day Cream

First impressions? This is a pleasant cream to use. My skin felt hydrated and fresh after using it. It rubbed in nicely and my skin didn’t feel sticky after using it.

To buy or not to buy? As I don’t have red skin, I won’t buy this product.

Have you tried any of these products? What were your thoughts? Let me know in the comments 🙂

Love, Kathleen




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