Beauty ‘n Fashion: Mylène – Cleansing Balm & Lotion


In today’s beautypost I put a cleansing balm & lotion in the picture that can only be bought through homeparties organised by Mylène.

My friends and I have been hosting & attending these parties for years now so I have already bought heaps of Mylène products. I had never bought a cleansing balm and lotion though… until recently!

At night I am currently using the Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil from Kiehl’s (see this review) but in the morning I am now using this duo I bought at a Mylène homeparty: the cleansing balm and lotion for combination skin.

Mylène offers several ranges of beauty products, according to skintype. As I have a combination skin, I have bought this specific cleansing duo.

I am using these products in the morning: the cleansing balm under the shower and the lotion afterwards before applying my serum & daycream.



  • Both products have a fabulous smell.
  • Beautiful, practical & hygienic packaging.
  • Very economical in use:
    • cleansing balm: one pump is enough (Mind, I use it in the mornings under the shower, when my skin is already make-up free. I have used it at night to remove make-up and then of course I need more product!)
    • lotion: four pumps on a cotton wool is enough
  • My skin feels refreshed, clean and soft after using these products, perfect to put on my skincare routine
  • My skin can feel itchy after using a lotion, but not with this one


  • The cleansing balm doesn’t do a good job on my waterproof mascara…


I really like using this cleansing duo, which is soooo economical in use!!! Pity it doesn’t remove the waterproof mascara though.

Love, Kathleen


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