Beauty ‘n Fashion: 15-year old suede skirt


I keep on shopping in my close these days… I have been showing off 9-year old fab red skirt in two outfitposts (here and here) and today I show you an even older skirt…

Because honestly, this skirt is 15,5 years old… I bought it for the first communion of my eldest daughter… she’s 22 now!

I must admit that I haven’t worn this skirt (it’s from the Belgian brand Essentiel) for years and yet I couldn’t part with it. As it’s a suede skirt, it had stretched over the years and it was too big now. I had it altered and now I’m so happy to be able to wear it again!!



When I went shopping to buy an outfit for my daughter’s first communion more than 15 years ago, I saw an outfit with which I fell in love with immediately: a brown suede skirt styled with a white cotton skirt underneath it, a white cotton shirt (in English lace) and a sleeveless denim jacket. It was quite an expensive outfit, but it consisted of 4 items and was just so me!!!

I wore this outfit several years and I combined the 4 items in many different outfits. I don’t have the cotton skirt and shirt anymore as they were really worn out. But I still have the suede skirt and the sleeveless jacket!

Wearing this skirt again now 15 years later makes me proud I can still fit into it (I even had to let it altered as it was too big!). The colour may have faded a bit, but otherwise, this skirt is still beautiful. I love the asymettrical hemline and the laces at the side.


I am wearing it with my blush blouse and my new brown boots (both could also be seen in last week’s post) and I am loving this outfit to be honest!


I promise you I will do an outfitpost with the sleeveless denim jacket… it sounds hideous… but it actually isn’t 😀

Do you still wear clothes from 15 years ago? Tell me in the comments!

Love, Kathleen





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