Beauty ‘n Fashion: Holiday beauty shoplog


When on holiday, I usually buy local beauty products. It makes the memories of my holiday last for a bit longer! So during our 2-week holiday to France and Spain, I did buy some stuff which I want to share with you in this beauty shoplog.

Tissue masks


In a local shop in Aigues-Mortes, they sold these tissue masks made from donkey milk. Now I love tissue masks and as these are natural products I decided to buy two different masks: an anti-age mask and a coup d’éclat mask. I will test them out soon and you can expect a review in a couple of weeks!

Jasmin soap with sisal wash cloth


Now all these cute little shops in the Provence sell soap… lots of soap.. in a loooot of different smells. I bought a couple of bars as a souvenir for family and friends and I bought two of them for myself. I’ve chosen jasmin. I also bought a sisal wash cloth. You can put the bar inside the wash cloth and wash yourself with it, giving yourself a good scrub!

Avène Eau Thermale


This is a classic that I have bought before (review). I recently had a small sized version of it, which I took with me on my holiday, and now I have bought a fullsize bottle again. I use this every morning after my shower to refresh my face before putting on my make-up and I regularly use it after applying my foundation. I spray a bit of Avène on my skin and blend it in with the foundation, giving it a more even and long-lasting result.

Nuxe giftset with free lip balm


I love the Nuxe ‘rêve de miel’ lip balm (review)!!! And as I had just finished my previous one, I needed a new one. In the pharmacy I bought it, they didn’t sell the lip balm, it came as a free gift when buying something from Nuxe. Well, I have always wanted to try out products from this French beauty brand, so I bought this gift set, getting the lip balm for free.

Now I can test the showergel, the body lotion, the body oil and the perfume of Nuxe. Trying everything out these coming weeks, so I can give you a review about these products soon!

Jasmin Eau de Toilette


I love the smell of jasmin… It’s flowery, fresh and natural. I have bought this eau de toilette (which was only 15 EUR for 100 ml) and it reminds me of the Fragonard parfum I once bought (review) while in Grasse.

This eau de toilette is from the brand Il était une flamme, but you can find fragrances like this in many souvenir shops in the Provence.

And that rounds up the beauty products I bought whilst on holiday. I have many months of lovely memories ahead of me… that’s for sure 🙂

Love, Kathleen


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