Boost your energy: Setting some goals for 2019 : Update n°2


This second update should have been published on May 1st, but I just couldn’t find the time to finish this post on time… so sorry! But no worries, with a slight delay I present you… the 2nd update about the goals I’ve set myself for 2019 🙂

Keep watch over my 2018 goals



Last time you could read about how I have finally started ballet, something I have been dreaming to do for about 40 years now. I could do the split when I was younger, but now, after only 5 weeks of training, I can do them again! So I must say that I am very proud of myself 🙂

I usually do 2 ballet classes a week: one regular ballet class and one stretching class. These are both completely different: the regular ballet class is a classic ballet class (warming-up in the centre, exercices at the barre, jumps, diagonals, repertoire and a bit of stretching), the stretching class is an entire hour of stretching out all muscles. This is a very fulfulling, relaxing class, it’s very intense but I get so much satisfaction out of it. From both actually! I couldn’t say just which I prefer.

Doing ballet gives me such a good feeling. I exercise, but it is so much more… It’s quite hard to put into words…  honestly whilst I am doing ballet, I forget everything. I am only focussed on the teacher and on myself, my body, the music and I really am trying my best to do the exercises the best I can. Doing ballet really makes me a happier human being!

Earlier this week I had a little accident in ballet class though. I ruptured a muscle in my left calf, but I am determined to be back in class asap so I am really taking care of my injury and I am going to a physiotherapist to heal as quickly as possible!

Eating and drinking wisely


After my holiday to Spain and France I had gained a couple of kilos of course and I must say that I haven’t found my routine again… so this might be something to work on the next couple of weeks, to make sure I can say goodbye to my vacay-kilos asap! I hope that by the next update I have lost the kilos I gained during my holiday!

Start saving for my Australia trip


You might remember ‘Miss Piggy’, my pink piggy bank from previous updates? Well, I can say that her belly is overly full. Luckily, my godson gave me a new piggy bank, quite a sassy one if you ask me… I have named her ‘Miss Queeny’. So I am now hoping to fill her belly very fast to make sure I save enough money to start planning my trip!

Read 12 books


During the last couple of weeks I have been binge-reading I must say… and I have certainly enjoyed my reads, which are all so different from eachother! A thriller, an autobiography, chick-lit, a humoristic novel,… give it to me 😀

So far I have read:

  • Lam – Hannelore Bedert (review)
  • Becoming – Michelle Obama
  • Behind her eyes – Sarah Pinborough
  • Chestnut Man – Soren Sveistrup
  • A home at Honeysuckle Farm – Christie Barlow
  • Tara Road – Maeve Binchy
  • Challenge Accepted – Celeste Barber (currently reading)

Quality time with family and friends


March and April once again have brought me beautiful memories. I have been on a weekend break with Peter to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. I’ve been on a 2-week holiday with Peter and my youngest daughter Elizabeth (see picture above), I have had a class reunion with my classmates from my final year in secondary school, I have had a reunion with all my cousins, I have had Easter celebrations with my family,… yip, all these gatherings and reunions certainly give me a good amount of energy!

My good, fab and lovely blog

to blog or not to blog

The last couple of months I have been blogging less because I just didn’t have the time to schedule my posts. Whilst on holiday, I did manage to post two blogposts a week, so a bit less than I usally do, but now I am back on track!

The changes I want to make to my blog, might take up too much time to do right now. I don’t want to stress myself with my blog as it’s just a hobby, so I’m going to wait to do the changes until I am up for it!

Keep watch over my stress levels

All the things I have mentioned above (the ballet, the reading, keeping up with family and friends) give me so much energy, even though I sometimes take up too much I must admit. So… note to self: ‘I have to make sure not to overload my diary and to say ‘no’ when things are getting too hectic… ‘

Focus on photography

I was hoping to be able to show you a first photography project from the book ‘the photographer’s playbook’ but I have been just too busy… I have taken loads of pictures whilst on holiday and soon I will take pictures of a wedding, so I guess my focus on photography lies in these two projects now!

I do hope that during my summer vacation I find the time to do a project from the book though…

Do some bigger chores around the house

Just before going on holiday, the door between our hallway and our living room was installed. It looks so beautiful!! So glad to have that off our list 🙂

In the next couple of weeks, we’ve got some long weekends in which I hope to tackle some other chores… will keep you posted in the next update!

Looking back on the past couple of months, makes me happy. I have achieved quite a lot and once my injury has healed and I can take up ballet again, I will even be more happy!!

Did you set yourself goals for 2019? How are you holding on? Tell me in the comments!

Love, Kathleen


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