Boost your energy: The different energy sources – Your connection

Our energy level can be influenced by different sources of energy. Last week I gave more information on the first source of energy: your body. Today you can read more about a second source of energy: connection.

When we think about connection, we think about being connected with family and friends, colleagues, neighbours, etc. But actually, the first and most important person you should be connected to is yourself!

I can do it

You often eliminate yourself, you lose contact with yourself in order to be there for others. But actually you should put yourself in first place to make sure you’re in touch with yourself. You should try to pamper yourself more often, you should look after yourself as if you were looking after a good friend.

If you are well connected to yourself, you will automatically feel connected to your surroundings. You will be more open to the people around you and you will be able to be more social.

You can draw a great deal of energy, courage and comfort from being connected to others. You can feel supported by this, especially in negative situations, e.g. when a relative has passed away. At that moment being connected with  family and friends of that relative can be very comforting.

Being connected in positive situations surely gives heaps of energy. You often get more energy out of such situations than you invest in them, which is of course fabulous to keep your energy level on point!

Louise and Elizabeth

Sometimes you don’t even have to know the people you are connected with… at a concert for instance you feel connection with anyone present as you are all there for the artist performing on stage. Starting a conversation with a complete stranger will be much easier in this situation, so you’re automatically more open and more sociable when you’re connected.

During a concert, you even feel connected with people you don’t know and probably won’t ever see again!

Being connected  on social media is also a form of ‘unknown’ connection which often turns out positive. If I share things on Instagram for instance, I’m often amazed by the positive or comforting reactions I get. But make sure to make ‘real’ connections and not only those online, because it’s from those real connections you get real energy!

So a golden tip is: try to connect as much as possible ànd in a positive way with your partner, your family, your family, friends, colleagues, neighbours,… but in the first place… with yourself!

See you next week for more information on the third source of energy: your passions!

Love, Kathleen

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