Boost your energy: The different energy sources – Your passions

After energy source number one (your body ) and number two (connection), it’s on to energy source number 3 today… your passions!

Because honestly… don’t we all need some passions in our life?! The passionate souls among us go through life with more energy I can tell you that!

If you approach things with passion, it can make a world of difference. You can get a lot of energy out of things you are passionate about.

It’ll work like an addiction, but a good one… you’ll keep on searching for more and more.

Often when you’re passionate about something, you can’t shut up about it… you want to ethusiasm others to do the same, to go looking for that same energy.

One of my passions… ballet 🙂

In the course of the months and years before my burn-out, I had abandoned my passions one by one. I had started working fulltime again and I wanted to keep my weekends as quiet and free as possible in order to be able to cope with the coming work week. I thought I could recharge my batteries by doing as little as possible during the weekend.

But in the end, it turned out that the things I did in the weekend were necessary to keep my energy level balanced, so giving up on them was actually a bad decision. Going on a photography trip, going to an exposition, going to the theatre,… those were things I liked to do, they were my energy-givers and I got a lot more energy out of them than watching television on the couch the entire weekend!

me, myself and I
Another passion of mine: photography.

So once I stopped doing those things, I began losing more energy than I gained. And it slowly but surely crept up on me… it took me years to realize that and once I finally did, it was too late!

In order to heal from my burn-out I had to start searching for energy-givers again and slowly but surely, I started to make time for passions… old and new ones.

I’ve got plenty of passions now… and the good thing is: everybody’s got passions! People who say they don’t, just haven’t found them yet. There are ways to find out what your passions are, but I will tell you all about that later in this ‘Boost your energy’ series…

Have you found your passions already or not just yet?! Don’t worry… I’ll help you find them 🙂

Love, Kathleen

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