Beauty ‘n Fashion: How to style a bohemian dress (part II)


Last week I showed you the fancy way of how I style my bohemian dress. But now the temperatures are dropping, I don’t want this beauty hanging in my closet! No, I style it a bit differently so I can wear it even on a colder day…

This dress is from the Italian brand Imperial (which has heaps of fabulous clothes, check out their website!). It has so many beautiful, warm colours in it, so you can actually style this dress with many different things.

I have worn it with this copper cardigan, with my denim jacket, with this soft green cardigan, but on a colder day, I like to wear something warmer, something cozier… like a wool sweater for instance and some fake fur 😀


Now how lucky am I to have this soft teal sweater in my wardrobe… one I bought last winter at H&M, but it will still do this winter! It’s a perfect match for my bohemian dress in my opinion.


I style it with cognac leather: my lovely woven belt from Mylène (I’ve got that belt for aaaaaaaaages now!!!), my comfy boots from Pikolinos and my funky brown handbag from Essentiel.


My fake fur scarf and ever so cheap seventies sunglasses (bought them at a warehouse and they cost me 10 EUR or so but I LOVE them!) complete this look…


Now… which styling do you prefer… the fancy one (which you can see in the picture below) or this one? Tell me in the comments!


Love, Kathleen




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