Beauty ‘n Fashion: Green dress (part II)


Another outfit of the week, yet the same dress as last week! This time I warm it up a bit…

Because as with the bohemian dress from a couple of weeks ago, this dress is too chilly to wear in winter. And as with the bohemian dress I have found a way to warm it up!


Along with the dress, I have bought a warm, cosy sweater at H&M. The colour matches the dress perfectly so I just layer it on, tuck it in my belt and hey presto… warm outfit! At the office it often gets warmer during the day, so then I just take off my sweater and still look the part 🙂



I am wearing the same belt with it as last week and I am also wearing Gabor on my feet. This time it’s not suede pumps as last week, but suede boots which I have bought at a nice discount on Zalando, the online shop. I am always so chuffed when I find cheaper items or items that come with a nice discount 🙂


I am wearing sunglasses from Ralph Lauren (bought in Madrid) and my handbag is an oldie from Esprit.



This rounds up yet another outfitpost. Which styling do you like most? The one from last week (see picture above) or this one? Tell me in the comments!

Love, Kathleen




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