Boost your energy: The different energy sources – Your heart

A final source of energy which can have an impact on your energy level is your heart.

On the one hand things you do from the heart are things that have a positive impact on who you are, how you look to others, how others look at you, what you believe in,… it makes you, it gives you energy, it ensures you can go on in life.

On the other hand things that feed your heart will surely boost your energy level. Giving love, but also feeling loved by others. Making memories or looking back in the past. Emotions, feelings,…

These are all things that make sure you can take a bit more. That’s why you should look for things that warm your heart as much as possible ♥.

Tattoo Bob - Rotterdam

Something you do with heart and soul, in which you unite your emotions and your passions … that can only be a success!

I have talked about 5 sources of energy: your body, your connection, your passions, your thoughts and your heart. I have also written a blogpost on how to become aware of your overall level of energy. Next week I will go in a bit deeper on that awareness… because what do you do when your level of energy is constantly low? I will tell you how these 5 sources of energy can help you to really put a finger on your level on energy!

One step at a time I will teach you how to really boost that energy of yours 🙂

Love, Kathleen

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