Beauty ‘n Fashion: Chanel – Waterproof eyeliner


I’ve been using these waterproof eyeliners for years now, yet I have never written a review about it! High time I guess 🙂

I first bought these waterproof eyeliners years ago, when I was going to the South of France on a holiday. I thought it might come in handy during hot days to have a waterproof eyeliner and I could seriously test whether they were waterproof or not as we faced a heatwave during that holiday… so lots of sweating and swimming involved 🙂

I kept on buying these eyeliners regularly and at the moment I’ve got it in two shades: Espresso (20) and Iris (but that colour’s not available at the moment).

The promises

This is what I could read on the Chanel website:

‘A waterproof eye pencil that traces intense eyes. Its very long-lasting line resists water, humidity and sebum. Its retractable tip and integrated pencil sharpener facilitate application.’



  • Comes in 24 shades.
  • Definitely waterproof! It gets me through tears, sweat and swimming pools 🙂
  • Can be brought on either quite subtle or very intense.
  • Defines very easily.
  • Has a long-lasting effect.
  • Doesn’t iritate my eyes.
  • I often make the line softer with a little brush.
  • Comes with a little sharpener (although I don’t use it often, it might come in handy).
  • Perfect base for your make-up. Sometimes I only use some foundation, mascara and this eyeliner!


  • It isn’t very cheap (about 25 EUR), but personally I think it’s worth the money.


I love using these eyeliners. I usually buy them in purple, brown and olive. I highly recommend this beauty product!

Love, Kathleen



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