Boost your energy: How to become aware of your energy level?

Some time ago I talked about how to become aware of your overall level of energy. You can read that blogpost here. Actually it’s so very simple… just give your level of energy a score out of ten! Easy as that…

But what when you constantly give your overall level of energy a low score? Then it might be handy to look at the 5 sources of energy I talked about in the last 5 blogposts. Read on to find out more!

The  5 different energy sources are: your body, your connection, your passions, your thoughts and your heart. And as I told you in the blogposts, they are all very important and each and everyone of them have an influence on your level.

These sources of energy go hand in hand and there’s often a fine line between them.

Louise and Elizabeth

I will make that a bit clearer with a simple example: if you don’t give your body enough rest, you will probably be irritated easily, you will be less open and connected to others and you will be less in touch with the people around you as a result.
In this example it could help you to give your body the necessary rest, which will cause a chain reaction: you will be in a better mood again, you’ll be more sociable again, which can have a positive effect on your mood and connection to others, you will have more positive thoughts, etc.

Now… you already now how to become aware of your energy level: you just give it a score out of ten. But… now we go one step furter: how can you become a PRO in being aware of your energy level?

Well, in addition to a general grading for your energy level, you can start to score each energy source separately.

Especially when you don’t feel good about yourself, this can be very enlightening. You might be able to discover a pattern that way. For example, if you notice that you often give a 4/10 on ‘body’, while the rest of your sources of energy score well, you know that you have to take more care of your body.


So if you’re feeling a bit down, if you’re feeling that you could do with some more energy, I’d advise you to:

  • score each source of energy
  • several times a day
  • comment on why you give that source of energy that score
  • after a while, check if you see a pattern
  • work specifically on the source of energy you give a low score
  • if you do not know where and how to start, seek professional advice!
  • use the template below to help you
Overall energy levelscore out of 10: …………..






Bodyscore out of 10: …………..






Connectionscore out of 10: …………..






Passionscore out of 10: …………..






Thoughtsscore out of 10: …………..






Heartscore out of 10: …………..
















Why not start a little diary in which you give your energy a score? You’ll be surprised how a simple thing like this might help you… Good luck!

Love, Kathleen

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