Beauty ‘n Fashion: Gel nails in 2019


Boxing Day today… Hope you have spent the Christmas days with your loved ones! I sure had two fabulous parties and still one to attend to today, so I have chosen a festive nailstyle to accompany my festive outfits 🙂

In today’s beautypost, I won’t only show you my latest nailstyle (which is stunning by the way!), but I will show you each and every nailstyle I’ve had these last 12 months.

Here we go 🙂

Fourteen different styles this year… and I started of with this lovely copper tone.


Then it was onto this denim blue.


A dark plum followed soon after.


For our holiday to Spain and France I opted for a classic French manicure… always a winner!


In May I chose this cheerful colour…


Whilst I started planning for my Australia trip in summer, I went for this turquoise/siver combination… which happened to be a perfect match with my travelguide!


Then it was onto this vibrant pink.


In August I went very nude again. Forgot I had this one, but I absolutely love it!


After a nude colour, I usually go for some something way more funky… like this lovely pink/orangey shade.


For our September holiday to the Provence, I went red.


For my best friend’s wedding I chose a plum colour with a soft pink glitter, to accompany my outfit.


This teal nailstyle with matching glitter was next.


At the end of November I chose this a dark blue colour with a very slight glitter.


And for the festive season… well… here it is!


I’m loving my 2019 nailstyles and I hope I gave you some inspiration… can’t wait which nailstyles 2020 has got in store for me 🙂

Love, Kathleen


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