Beauty ‘n Fashion: New Year’s outfit


Happy New Year everyone!! I want to wish you all the very best for a healthy, happy and succesful 2020… May all your wishes come true and may you have lots of time to spend with your loved ones!

And why not start this year off with my New Year’s outfit?!

I have worn this outfit for my best friend’s wedding in September, but I just didn’t come around to maken an outfitpost at the time. As this dress is also perfect for New Year, I’ll show it to you today if you don’t mind!


This festive dress is from Lauren by Ralph Lauren. My husband actually picked it out for me whilst shopping and I really liked it immediatly. It has a beautiful neckline and the draped shoulders ares flattering. I like the burgundy colour, which is flattering for my skin tone.



The jewellery I am wearing are all from the Coloratie collection from Mylène. You can buy these jewellery during a homeparty, but Mylène also has an online shop.


The shoes are simply fabulous if you ask me. They are in two tones of pink velvet and even though they are high heeled, they are very comfortable. They’re from Peter Kaiser and these are perfect for women with wider feet.


And that’s it for this first outfit of the new year and many more will follow, I promise!

Love, Kathleen





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